Call or e-mail me to book your initial appointment or to discuss how nutritional therapy and wellbeing coaching in Colchester, Essex can help you.

My aim as a nutritional therapist is getting to the root cause of the problem.  It is not about suppressing symptoms, it about finding a way to manage and ease them through a case history, nutrition testing and questionnaires.

When you attend your Nutritional therapy sessions in Colchester, we will discover in depth your health history, dietary needs and your lifestyle. I believe in a holistic approach, meaning that I not only look at the symptoms, but also any other factors that could be influencing your digestion, such as stress, insomnia, amount of exercise.  The treatment involves your personalised nutrition plan, vitamin supplements, lifestyle and environmental changes and adaptions.

Nutritional Therapists believe that everyone is an individual and should be treated as such, every plan I create is suited to your needs and requirements. I do not believe in a one size fits all approach.

Many changes to your nutrition and lifestyle take time, some people may feel better quickly but if you have been suffering for a long time you may not see results until a while after settling in to your new nutrition plan.  I am here to guide and support you through these changes.

Everything that I suggest and any information that I give to you is science based and backed up with evidence so that you can ensure it is suitable for you personally.

If you are suffering from feeling low, sluggish, stressed and tired out try, Nutritional Therapy in Colchester.

Nutritional Therapy & Wellbeing Package - £185
Nutritional Therapy & Wellbeing Coaching Package
3 Session Package
Initial Consultation (lasting around 60 mins)
Follow Up Consultation (lasting around 45 mins)
Follow Up Consolation (lasting around 45 mins)
Your personalised nutrition plan & diaries

In this package you will receive:
An initial consulation where we discover and discuss any concerns that you may have about your health and diet.  We will go over your food diary that you have completed before your appointment.  We will also weigh you and work out your BMI.  I will acess your nutrient and vitamin status.  After this appointment I will examine and interpret the results of your food diary, questionaires and accessments and create your own personal nutrition plan. We will then book the first follow up appointment for us to go through the plan. You will take away your personalised nutrition plan and results and follow the plan, we will then meet again in 3 months to go over your results of the nutrition plan. We will meet in my nutritional therapy clinic near Colchester in Essex.

Food Intolerance Test with consultation - £120
Food Intolerance Testing
Food Intolerance Test with results

In this package you will receive:

I will perform a food intolerance test that tests 39 foods. The test takes around 40 minutes to complete, we will need a single drop of blood to perform the test.  Whilst the test is developing we will discuss your health and current diet and any questions that you may have regarding your nutrition.  You will receive results of the test to take home, we will discuss the results and most importantly how to manage your nutrition. The whole appointment will be around 1 hour.  We will meet at my nutritional therapy clinic near Colchester in Essex.


Pay as you go Nutritional Therapy Sessions - £80
Pay as you go Nutritional Therapy Appointment. 
  1 hour Nutritional Therapy Session

Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

In these sessions you pay as you go, allowing you to discuss your needs and requirements.
We will meet in my nutritional therapy clinic near Colchester in Essex.


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Please Note:  I am not qualified to diagnose any medical condition. I do not claim to cure or treat any medical condition.  Any suspected medical conditions or concerns should be reported and discussed with you G.P for formal investigation and diagnosis.

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