What is Nutritional Therapy Colchester?

Assessment of a person using consultations, questionnaires, assessments and food diaries.

Deals with symptoms not just cause

Person centred approach not one size fits all

Its not about “feeling hungry” or “dieting” its about having the correct optimum balance of foods.

Suggest the foods and nutrition that you need more of or less of

Treatments include a personalised nutrition plan, vitamin supplements, lifestyle changes and adaptions.

Natural therapy

Not a replacement for medical advice or assessment

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How can Nutritional Therapy Help Me?

I believe that Nutritional therapy can benefit a wide range of people.  I see a range of different people with all different reasons that require Nutritional Therapy.  You may have a long standing chronic medical condition which you are suffering symptoms from or you may have been newly diagnosed and feel you need some extra support and advice on how to minimize the symptoms using nutrition. It is very hard living with a chronic condition and my aim is try and ease the symptoms and improve your wellbeing.

I also see people who feel they have a good nutritional diet and wish to have a overhaul of their nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing and any environmental factors which could be influencing their nutrition and nutrient absorption. My clinic is based near Colchester in Essex.


Will you be able to cure me?

My aim is to assess your nutritional needs and make sure that they are accessible to you, so that you can get the best possible results.  You may have a health condition or problem that you have had to deal with for many years and Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix or a cure. However everything that I do for you is personalised to your specific dietary and lifestyle needs and is researched to be the best diet plan for you.


Do you want to make positive changes to your nutrition & optimise your health?
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About Laura Thompson – Nutritional Therapist

I am based on Mersea Island which is an island on the Blackwater Estuary in Essex. Mersea is a calm, inspiring place.
I became fasinated in nutrition and how it can benefit your life after an operation and how by changing and adapting my own nutrition aided my recovery.  I have a diploma in Nutritional Therapy.




Please Note:  I am not qualified to diagnose any medical condition. I do not claim to cure or treat any medical condition.  Any suspected medical conditions or concerns should be reported and discussed with you G.P for formal investigation and diagnosis.

Laura Thompson – Nutritional Therapist & Wellbeing Coach providing Nutritional Therapy in Colchester, Essex

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