Does a cluttered kitchen make you eat more?

There has been a recent article published that having a cluttered, chaotic kitchen can make you eat more.

Our modern lives are busier than ever before, working families, having to travel further to work and enjoying leisure time.  So it is not surprising that a busy family kitchen can be more than chaotic!  Homework, papers,  letters, shopping, lunch boxes, condiments, coffee machines are all over our kitchens and making it feel cluttered, with  no time to tidy and keep it pristine.  However you could be surprised to find out an interesting outcome from the study.  The clutter subconsciously can make us feel uncomfortable and stressed.

The study suggests that a cluttered environment causes stress and makes you eat. Those few extra “snacks” add up, and you could be eating unhealthy, sugar filled snacks that add a lot to your calorie intake, but not provide any nutritional value or benefit.




What To Do?

We all know in a busy family or working home it is not possible to have a “show home” tidy kitchen. My advice would be to put any snacks or treats away into cupboards so they are not there to tempt you during your time in the kitchen.  Also have a mind set before you enter the kitchen of being “in control” not to eat anything unless it is a planned time to do so.  By continuing this over and over you will cut the association with snacking.

Read the full study: Here

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